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Accommodating Saddle Towel
and Horse Tack Supplier

KY Jockey Silks is your dependable saddle towel and horse tack distributor. Based in Paris, Kentucky, we make customer jockey towels and blinkers that make you, and your horse, make a lasting impression on the race track. Our products are made with satin and other lightweight, aerodynamic materials.

Jockey Towels

Jockey towels go on your horse’s back, providing a layer of protection to your prized thoroughbred, while also displaying your race colors with pride. Our jockey towels are handmade with trigger material, which is a thicker and heavier material similar to cotton. This versatile material comes in all colors and allows a wide variety of customization options, including lettering and logo stitching.

Thanks to its large area, your customized jockey towel displays any design you wish. We apply your design by hand, which makes the towel a wholly unique component of your racing outfit. In addition, you also have the option to match your towel with your jockey uniform for a complete look.

Customization and Pricing

As a completely customizable piece, the price for your racing towel is determined according to your needs. Therefore, we consult with you first to design your towel. You are more than welcome to send a draft of your design, or specify what you want on your towel. No matter your preferences, we always give you a fair price before starting your project.

Racing Blinkers

Race day requires focus, and our blinkers ensure your horse concentrates on the big race. Designed to go over your horse’s face, our blinkers go well with our matching jackets and towels.

Contact us in Paris, Kentucky, for for horse tack and accessories that unify form and function.