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Toll Free: (866) 665-2481
Local: (859) 227-9700

About KY Jockey Silks

KY Jockey Silks in Paris, Kentucky, is proud to produce handmade jockey equipment, apparel, and towels to people all over the world. Customers love that we ship their products on-time. As a result, riders wear their new apparel to the next race as soon as possible.

Full-Service Apparel

Unlike run-of-the-mill distributors, we actually make each product, sewing and making each order by hand. We are passionate about racing here in Kentucky, and we work with our customers to create unique jackets every day.

Upholding Tradition

Since our state hosts the venerable Kentucky Derby, we feel it is only fitting for our customers to order silks and towels that are specially made for their races. As contributors to a time-honored tradition, we are more than happy to complete your horse racing experience.

Custom Toddler Jockey Silks

Silver-Black Jockey Silks

Contact us near Lexington, Kentucky, to learn more about our jockey uniform equipment and order an outfit that is specially tailored for you.